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SpamExperts – Email Security Hiya Digital December 18th, 2018

SpamExperts – Email Security

SpamExperts – Email Security

Professional Email Protection And Email Archiving Solution

  • Incoming Email Filtering to protects your network, remove spam & viruses from email before reaching your network
  • Outgoing Email Filtering upholds your reputation, prevents spam & viruses from leaving your network
  • Email Archiving Backups For Compliance
  • Never lose an email. Assuew email data integrity for legal compliance
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About SpamExperts

SpamExperts mission is to secure email worldwide. SpamExperts take pride in offering premium Email Security solutions that work out of the box, offer full control, and are seamlessly integrated into existing email infrastructure.

SpamExperts is a privately owned Dutch Company, founded in 2005. SpamExperts have rapidly grown into a leading email security solution provider for web hosting companies, ISPs/Telcom companies and IT Resellers all over the world. For outstanding leadership and business results, SpamExperts company has been recognized in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Main Software 50 competitions for the fastest growing technology companies in the entire EMEA region in 2013 and 2014.

SpamExperts team develops email security solutions deployed in the cloud or on premises with services for incoming (spam and virus) filtering, outgoing filtering, and email archiving.

SpamExperts are a highly technical and technology focused company, making continuous investments and concentrating on R&D to stay competitive in the industry. All technologies are developed in-house and are constantly updated with weekly new features and real time engine updates.

Currently, SpamExperts serves global clientele in over 80 countries.

SpamExperts Plans

    • Incoming Email Filtering

    • Incoming email filtering can help you with…

      • Full protection of your inbox at competitive market prices
      • Friendly interface for complete control over your email
      • Numerous reporting options
      • Accurate filtering
      • Compatible with any mail server
      • Easy configuration
      • Increase inbound email continuity and delivery
      • Increase in employee productivity
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    • Outgoing Email Filtering

    • Outgoing email filtering can help you with…

      • No more blacklisting of emails
      • Protect your brand reputation and IT-systems
      • Prevent costs coming from de-listing
      • Increase outbound email continuity and delivery
      • Boose abuse manageability
      • Increase in employee productivity
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    • Email Archiving

    • Email archiving can help you with..

      • Incoming & Outgoing Email Filteration!
      • No email loss!
      • Improve IT system performance
      • User friendly data-protection administration
      • Email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery
      • Compressed, encrypted and protected archive
      • Attain legal consent
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SpamExperts FAQs

What is SpamExperts Outgoing Filter?

Why you need SpamExperts Outgoing Filter?

Is your network sending out spam email? Due to network vulnerabilities, nearly any device can be jeopardized to forward outbound SMTP. This allows spam or malware to be carried out from your network even without your intention! Hence, it’s important you spend in investing in a professional Outgoing Filter solution. Manage your company’s great fame. Prevent spam from being transmitted from your network. Prevent yourself from being blacklisted so that your email reaches the person it is meant to be sent to.

What is SpamExperts Email Archiving?

SpamExperts Email Archiving guards and protect all inbound and outbound email messages to be accessed later. It is an excellent way to retrieve misplaced or unintentionally deleted emails. It can also quicken the audit response, protect emails and attachments. It can also secure for “eDiscovery” purposes in case of a lawsuit.

Why you need SpamExperts Email Archiving?

Are you urgently looking for an urgent email sent to you from last year? But can’t seem to find it. Are you’re risking a fine or missing a significant business opportunity because ?of the loss? Counter problems like this with a professional Email Archiving solution. Email Archiving is a valuable tool to conserve a protected backup of all email which is judicially compliant.

Email transfers have administrative control and are lawfully binding; email permission has become a paramount concern for companies. It is compulsory in industries to maintain a safe backup of all emails and adhere to the legal compliance.

How does SpamExperts Filter work?

Email is directed through SpamExperts smart self-learning servers enabled to identify and obstruct spam before it arrives at you.

How accurate is the email filtering?

By processing millions of emails in a day, our email filters are close to 100% accuracy.

Can I recover messages that get blocked?

Yes, you can recover messages that get blocked. You will have a comprehensive control panel with log-search, quarantine, and many other tools. You can check the status of emails that have passed through the system.

How long does it take for the setup?

Setup process is automated, fast. It starts protecting your email in minutes.

What is Email Archiving?

Email Archiving is have your emails stored giving you extra confidence of not losing important information.

How much email can I store?

Email Archiving allows for 10GB of compressed email storage by default. An additional 10GB licenses can be added for more storage.

Why use SpamExperts Incoming Email Filter?

Keeps your network secure from spam, attacks from virus, ransomware, malware and phishing activities. SpamExperts has its licensed self-learning for smart filtering of unwanted mail. Such mails are prevented entry before it reaches your network.

Recognizes new spam and malware breakouts instantly.
SpamExperts puts in its constant developments in secure information collection. It instantly identifies any new patterns of spam/malware or any sort of derails. Any information sought through its intelligence is shared with all customers worldwide. This assures that your emails receive timely protection when new threats seep in.

Increase in email continuity
An extra protective layer to filter your incoming email flow is added to the infrastructure. It adds continuity and smooth operation for the email delivery process. If the receiver’s destination mail server is unreachable, your sent email is queued by the SpamExperts filtering systems.

Increase resource productivity to save on your current hardware resources!
Its very effective first-level incoming filter protection operates in front of your mail infrastructure. You will no longer require dealing with large amounts of email spam.

Increase worker productivity and be in complete charge of your email flow
It has the box SaaS email filtering systems. Time lost in dealing with spam can be brought down to an absolute minimum. This will allow users to focus on their business tasks entirely.

Why use SpamExperts Outgoing Email Filter?

Prevent IP blacklisting
The SpamExperts Outgoing Filter will assist you to be cleared of network vulnerabilities. It will decrease the time consumed with delisting.

Develop abuse manageability
With Outgoing Filter service, you can receive accurate and short reports showing which users/accounts need your concern, automatically securing them.

Guard your brand and infrastructure
SpamExperts offers certainty that you are part of the email security solution assuring sincerity and good client reputation.

Avoid severe penalties
Nation-wide political and government organizations are allowed to penalize establishments for transferring out spammy email firmly. The SpamExperts Outgoing Filter is a resolute solution which will guard your company against probable penalties for sending out spam.

Why Add Email Archiving to Your License?

Back up and Quickly Access Company Info
Since email is now a primary means of conversation, it must be guarded strongly yet be readily retrievable. By archiving, email is safe, being easily found when required!

Reach Judicial Compliance
Email must be professionally managed the same as postal correspondence. Without email archiving, it can result in a constitutional problem, stringent penalties, not to leave out a damaged reputation.

Increase IT System Performance
Cloud-based email archiving reduces local server storage difficulties. It lessens the burdening of local email infrastructures.