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Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure unlimited sub-domains with a single ssl certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Secure and Fastest SSL
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • Market Leading Security
  • Acknowledge and Trusted Brand
  • Issued in 2-3 Days
  • $1.5m Warranty
  • Free Reissues

Overview of Wildcard SSL Certificates

Issued in Minutes for Immediate Security

The reliable and most affordable method to open SSL security for your website, issuance is fast and usually fully automatic

Trust Site Seal

The SSL Certificates appears with a trust seal that has been shown to develop trust in visitors and customer conversions.

Improve your Google Ranking

Google utilizes SSL/HTTPS as an element in determining a website’s search engine ranking. Get SSL today for your Google ranking!

Wildcard SSL certificates guard your website URL including an endless number of subdomains related to the main domain. For example, you could secure www.forexample.com, tool.forexample.com, me.forexample.com with one certificate. Wildcard certificates guard the main domain name and all subdomains at the domain level, the organization level you specify. You can choose the security of your domain or go up higher to OV and EV when you submit your request. Just insert an asterisk (*) to the left of the main domain name while submitting your request in the subdomain area.

Wildcard SSL certificates guard websites similar to the regular SSL certificates. Your SSL requests are issued using the same validation processes. Still, some web servers may need customers to get a unique IP address for each subdomain while using a Wildcard certificate. Install a wildcard certificate to strengthen your domain and countless sub-domains just with one SSL certificate purchase. If you have many sub-domains to secure, then ordering one Wildcard SSL can save you a lot of money. It is better to buy one certificate vs. the cost of getting many individual SSL certificates.

Getting Wildcard SSL Certificates have helped businesses get one certificate to secure all their sub-domains. It will save you money rather than get each of your tens of subdomains one SSL each. It also saves time having to manage only a single certificate. Wildcard certificates give you the same protection, work the same way as a regular SSL Certificate. It allows you to secure connection between your customer’s Internet browser and all your websites with your sub-domains. A single certificate will incorporate all of the sub-domains of your primary domain.

Features of Wildcard SSL Certificates

SSL Features RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard SSL Certificate Comodo Standard SSL – Wildcard SSL Certificate Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate StarField SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate
256-Bit Encryption 128 / 256 bit encryption 256-bit encryption 128/256 bit encryption 128/256 bit encryption SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
Issuance Time Issued Immediately* 1-5 Business Days 1-5 Business Days Issued Immediately* Issued Immediately*
Great For Mutliple Sub-Domain Validation Ideal for intranets and extranets security Mutliple Sub-Domain Validation Ideal for medium e-commerce services Mutliple Sub-Domain Validation Ideal for intranets and extranets security Mutliple Sub-Domain Validation Ideal for medium e-commerce services Mutliple Sub-Domain Validation Ideal for medium e-commerce services
Warranty Value $10,000 $1.25M USD $250,000 $10,000 $100,000
Site Seal RapidSSL Site Seal GeoTrust® True Site Smart Seal Comodo Secure Seal COMODO Static Site Seal Starfield Secure Site Seal
Free Reissues Free Reissues during certificate lifetime FREE lifetime, self-service reissues FREE lifetime, self-service reissues FREE lifetime, self-service reissues FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
Browser Support 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility

Wildcard SSL Certificates FAQs

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificates?

What are the benefits of using Wildcard SSL Certificates?

The best part about getting a WildCard SSL for security is that it each domain is protected individually. This enables a high level of security. It is priced slightly more than a single certificate. The certificate is a complete value for money as it provides a wide spectrum of security. Getting a wildcard now helps in the addition of multiple sub-domains, easier SSL management of all sub-domains, IP address management. It is a profitable investment that saves money, saves time managing multiple certificates, keeping track of expiration dates.

When to use Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Many have chosen to install wildcard SSL certificates in the past as a way to save money when having to secure multiple domains. Businesses that want to avoid buying multiple certificates opt for it. Our customers pay a flat-rate for all of our certificates. When securing multiple sub domains, the cost will no longer an issue.
There is also a safety concern when using a wildcard certificate. Note that if the private key affiliated with that particular wildcard certificate is risked, all your servers utilizing that wildcard certificate are unsafe. Use a wildcard certificate when there is a technical need for them.

Can I create Wildcard SSL Certificates For Two Levels?

You can choose to install a Wildcard SSL certificate for two levels. You can create a subdomain within a subdomain that will be secured by one Wildcard SSL rather than handling too many. Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate, for example, can be used for two levels. It is particularly intended to give high levels of protection joined with a low-cost alternative to secure the primary domain and unlimited subdomains.

What is the difference between Wildcard SSL vs SAN certificate?

Wildcard certificates are extensively used to guard many subdomains under one domain name. The advantage of this certificate is that you can manage all subdomains with one certificate. It also serves in reducing your organizational costs. It gives instant security to your current and prospective subdomains.
SAN certificate is utilized to safeguard multiple primary domain names with one certificate. They differ from wildcard certificates as it can support numerous primary domains. Only qualified domain names which are registered in the certificate. SAN certificates support more than 100 primary domain names in one certificate. The number will depend upon how many the CA issues to one applicant.

When to use Wildcard SSL Certificates on multiple levels?

When you read that you can use a Wildcard SSL certificate for various levels, it means multiple subdomains. Rather of having one certificate for each subdomain, you can just have one Wildcard SSL certificate to guard the primary domain and all its subdomains. This is achieved by applying an asterisk (*) sign as a variable in the subdomain area on the certificate. For example, while filling in the request, it would look like *.forexample.com

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