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UCC SAN SSL Certificates

Secure multiple websites for less price

UCC SAN SSL Certificates

UCC SAN SSL Certificates ensure a wide range of various completely qualified domains names or (FQDNs). These certificates protect IP addresses, private host names, public ID addresses, and subject alternative names (SANs). Instead of purchasing an individual SSL for every single domain you purchase, you can have one certificate to get all your domains secured.

One Certificate Secures Up To 100 Different Domains and Sub-Domains

  • Secure multiple websites for less price
  • Protects Multiple / Unlimited Websites
  • Protects Multiple / Unlimited sub-domains
  • Saves Time and Money
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Security trust seal
  • Ideal for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Handles Wildcard SSL entries

About UCC SAN SSL Certificates

UCC SAN SSL Certificates are accessible in each of the three SSL validation: Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). In this way, whether you’re hoping to secure many internal domains or all your business’ TLDs, UCC SAN SSL Certificates are the choice for you! If you want the trust to build your customers for all your .com, .net. , org websites, get your SSL certificates.
Furthermore, maybe the best part is that since you just have one SSL to control all your business domains, you save money. You don’t need to stress over the issue of managing, installing, various SSL certificates, and following up on their expiration dates.

Certificates using Subject Alternative Names (SAN) are powerful tools. Businesses can utilize the certificate to secure multiple domain names efficiently at a lower cost. A SAN SSL certificate is used by small or medium sized businesses using shared hosting or testing environments. It is ideal to safeguard many business applications on a single server. SAN Certificates are also known as Unified Communications (UC) certificates. They are often used for Unified Communications (UC) to help safeguard Office Communications Server, Microsoft Exchange Server / Lync Server, Mobile Device Manager.

Benefits & Features:

  • Complete compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office Communications Server
  • Add SAN certificate to secure multiple domains and multi-level subdomains
  • Manage all your Thawte certificates with one Thawte Trust Center console
  • Lessens time spent and hassle to configure multiple certificates
  • Get value for money with the Thawte reputation, unlimited licenses, free reissues

UCC SAN SSL Certificates FAQs

Why do I need SAN?

What is the difference between a SAN certificate and a Wildcard certificate?

A wildcard certificate is used for securing multiple sub-domains with a single unique root domain. For example, if you have purchased a wildcard certificate for www.hiyadigital.in, it will also secure tools.hiyadigital.in and email.hiyadigital.in with the same certificate.
When you combine your wildcard certificate with SAN, it can secure all your additional domains or multi-level subdomains.

What Can You Do with Subject Alternative Names?

  • Protect Many Host Names on Various Base Domains in One SSL Certificate
  • Host Numerous SSL Websites on a Single IP Address
  • Make Your Server’s SSL Configurations Simpler

What is a Multi-Domain SAN Certificate?

Secure up to 100 different domain names, sub-domains, and public IP addresses with a Multi-Domain SAN Certificate. Multi-Domain SAN Certificates utilize Subject Alternative
Names (SANs).

StarField Technologies has collaborated with Microsoft to make an SSL Certificate for use within the Exchange and Communications Server environments. By using a SAN SSL Certificate, it allows you to use the the Domain Security feature. It enables for a secure client access from the Internet

A Multi-Domain SSL was initially developed for Unified Communications
applications. Now, the certificate can be benefitted by anyone looking to simplify securing multiple domain names into one SSL Certificate and one IP address.

What is difference between UCC SAN SSL Certificates & Wildcard SSL Certificate?

  • UCC SAN SSL Certificates will secure your business’ multiple primary domains and all the sub-domains that come in it.
  • The number of primary domains that UCC SAN SSL Certificates can secure depend on the certificate authority. Most certificate authorities set a maximum limit to the number of domains that a UCC SSL can encrypt to 250.
  • All the domain names that you want to protect with a SAN certificate must be listed during the time of purchase. All information about the primary domain must be added at the time of purchase (the primary domains can be substituted with other names later).
  • UCC SAN SSL Certificates comes with DV, OV and EV SSL.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates encrypt all your multiple sub-domains made from your primary domain.
  • A single Wildcard SSL certificate can provide security to unlimited sub-domains.
  • All your subdomains to be protected can be selected at any time. During the purchase, you can insert a *
  • Wildcard SSLs comes with DV and OV only.

How to secure many primary domains using one SSL certificate?

To guard all your multiple primary domains with one SSL certificate, using UCC SAN SSL Certificates can do it for you. This certificate type will enable you to maintain and guard your numerous domains under one certificate. It not only spares you money but also the time, management of keeping track of all the SSL certificates.

What is the number of domains I can secure with UCC SAN SSL Certificates?

The number of domains that UCC SAN SSL Certificates can secure depends on the Certificate Authority:

  • Comodo has increased the number of primary domain security to 250 domains.
  • GeoTrust allows 100 primary domains to be registered for encryption.
  • Symantec and Thawte allow 25 primary domains per certificate.

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