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Thawte Certificates

Trusted, Reliable SSL Issued at Lightning-Fast Speeds

Thawte SSL Certificates Features

Thawte Trusted Site Seal:

To shield your brand from any fraud and robberies, users search for signs that they can trust on. Most customers require a trust seal that gives them the guarantee that your website is safe. Every website that installs Thawte SSL Certificates have Thawte Trusted Site Seal accessible. All websites having installed the certificate can provide signs of trust to viewers. Add Thawte Trusted Site Seal to your site in a time where customers check your site’s security and legitimacy.

Thawte Certificate Center:

Dealing with your Thwate SSL certificates is important to strengthening your site security. That is the reason Thawte incorporates a vigorous SSL Certificate administration console with your SSL order.

Unlimited Server Licensing:

Order Thawte SSL Certificates, install it on as many servers as you need with no additional charge.

Free reissues:

Have your certificate re-issued at no extra charge. There is no charge for re-issuing SSL when you change your server.

Access SSL/TLS Tools:

SSL Tools are provided as add-ons to help in installing and manageing your Thawte SSL certificates online easily.

99% Browser Compatibility:

All Thawte SSL Certificates are 99% compatible with popular browsers and systems.

Upto 256 bit encryption strength:

Each SSL certificate has a security level. This security level indicates to the strength of encryption of the certificate. The higher the level of encryption, the stronger the protection to safeguard your site’s information.

Base Domain Provided as Free SAN:

Get your Thawte SSL for your domain as a free SAN when you enroll for your SSL Certificate

Thawte SSL Certificate Plans:

Thawte SSL Certificates Thawte SSL123 Certificates Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates with EV
Issuance Time Most certificates issued in minutes Most certificates issued in one day Most certificates issued in 1-3 days
Best Suitable for: Securing Internal Servers & Private Websites Enterprise Applications & Business Websites Credit Card Transacting Websites, Banks and Financial Institutions
Identity validation & customer assurance SSL encryption with padlock icon Visible assurance to customers that your website and domain are tied to your organization. Prominent visible assurance to increase trust and boost customer confidence
Warranty (USD) $500,000 $1,250,000 $1,500,000
Validity Period Options 1-3 years 1-3 years 1-2 years
Wildcard Option To Secure unlimited subdomains Yes Yes No
UCC/SAN Support Available up to 24 SAN can be added with the same domain name up to 24 SAN can be added with the same or different domain names up to 24 SAN can be added with the same or different domain names

Thawte SSL Certificates FAQs:

Does authentication of Thawte SSL Certificates really matter?

Authentication means when Thawte or any Certificate Authority is a trusted third party verifies a website owner’s identification. All details provided are verified, and your business information is displayed in your SSL certificate. These details guarantee that clients who are coming to your site know it is actually your site.
Matters of scam and fraud have made users more reluctant to give out private information to unknown websites. Still, 86% of online customers seem more assured about registering personal details on sites utilizing protection indicators, such as a green lock, green address bar before their URL.
Thawte is an authenticated certificate authority who provides Thawte SSL Certificates which come with the Thawte Trusted Site Seal.

Why choose Thawte SSL Certificates?

Thawte is entrusted with so many businesses both big and small worldwide. When Thawte SSL certificates are issued, the Thawte name will appear next to yours as the Certificate Authority who confirmed it. They take security sincerely and affect the industry with severe authentication methods and a worldwide infrastructure to maintain look-ups for an SSL certificate.

Why does websites need Thawte SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates retain the privacy of online interactions even though the information is transmitted across the public Internet. Businesses can help customers gain confidence in their company enough to provide personal information by installing a certificate.
If you want users to sign up to your website, the first step is to make your website secure. They must be confident enough to enter personal info such as credit card numbers. Those websites collecting or viewing confidential information must keep the collected data private. You need to assure your customers that you are authentic with an SSL.

How does Thawte SSL Certificates make websites more trustworthy?

A SSL certificate contains affirmed data about the site it secures to enable clients to know that they are communicating with your authentic site. Extended Validation is the business’ most noteworthy standard of confirmation and gives the most noticeable assurance to clients. Viewers get to see the address bar turn green and a green padlock before the website URL.

When you show the Thawte Trusted Site Seal, clients can check out the trust mark that is the seal. They can view website identification (for example, Thawte) the CA that confirmed it. The certificate has the expiration date also mentioned. In more current browsers, the website identification data may show up when clients hover over the address bar. They can likewise click on the closed green lock icon.

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