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Sucuri Website Security Hiya Digital December 18th, 2018

Sucuri Website Security

Sucuri Website Security

Sucuri Website Security maintains your site’s security

Sucuri Website Security guards your web property, holding you and your clients secure from hackers and different online risks. Each time customers make an order; they’re assuming you to keep them protected from hackers who steal data or circulate malware and viruses. Give customers that guarantee with Sucuri Website Security. It finds malware and bridges the security gaps that hackers use to gain leverage.

  • Security for countless pages within one website
  • Blacklist monitoring and removal
  • Credible site seal
  • Safety analysts for high-level issues
  • Brand reputation check
  • High-level protection analysis
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Sucuri Website Security Overview

Robust security against dangerous threats.
Maximum site owners aren’t conscious of many threats like Sucuri is – Sucuri Website Security guards your site against each one of threats and more.

Malware infection

The most obvious, frequent threat – malware is an overall term for describing viruses, Trojan, ransomware, and more. Malware is able to delete all your information, steal client data, infect your user’s browser/computer – the odds are almost unlimited. The platform gives constant malware checking, analyzing and warning to avoid failure in business or any downtime.


A hacker can send malicious codes with injection defects. The codes can be injected as part of a command or query that fools the website into executing something it shouldn’t. In such a way, hackers can hack your customer database.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

This DDoS attack can bring down your website by flooding it with loads of automated traffic. Every minute your website is facing a downtime, you’re losing out on real customers, real sales. Sucuri’s advanced protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks such an attack.

Cross-site scripting

Generally shortened as XSS, this attack wires user-supplied information to an internet browser without initially verifying it. Hackers take advantage of these defects to seize users away from your site or destroy it, making the site owner lose business.

Brute Force

An application goes through all potential password combination to get the password that is applicable. After a working password is obtained, hackers can locate your system, use confidential data and exploit it in whatever way they want.

Zero Day

Such attacks are initiated as soon as a new insecurity is located before a solution is prepared. While such attacks are difficult to see it coming, Sucuri’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) will repair your website as soon as Zero Day attach is uncovered.

Sucuri Website Security Plans:

    • Essential

      • Website Scan and repair
      • 12-hour response time
      • Ongoing malware removal
      • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
    • Deluxe

      • Analze, repair, block and boost site performance
      • 12-hour response time
      • Ongoing malware removal
      • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
      • WAF malware prevention
      • CDN performance accelerator
    • Express

      • Advanced malware removal and continuous protection
      • 30-minute response time
      • Ongoing malware removal
      • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
      • WAF malware prevention
      • CDN performance accelerator

Sucuri Website Security FAQs:

How does Sucuri Website Security work?

What is the difference between Sucuri Website Security Express and Website Security Deluxe?

If your website is under attack, you must fix it ASAP. For immediate repair, Website Security Express is the product that you gives you instant fix. This plan puts you as the first priority for removal of malware and repair. It provides you year-round services included in Website Security Deluxe. When you buy Website Security Express, your website scanning starts right away. Once the malware is found, you must send a malware removal request. Fixing is done within 30 minutes of submission of removal application.

Website Security Deluxe is for owners who have a website that needs security. Those websites who have not been affected and want to prevent from becoming targets can opt for this plan. You can be at peace of mind that Sucuri

How often will Sucuri Website Security examine my site for malware?

Website Security examines your website daily. Based on your Website Security plan, your website is scanned every 30 minutes, 12 hours, or 24 hours. Depending on the plan, there is a fluctuation in the time interval of security scan. If any malware is detected, you will be informed instantly.

Does Sucuri Website Security generate backup files?

Website Security will generate backup any of files that are changed during the cleanup process. These files that are generated during the process are maintained for a brief period. For frequent website and database backup, contact the technical support team to know more.

I have an SSL. Do I still need Sucuri Website Security?

Yes! An SSL only enciphers data being transferred to and from your website. It is unable to protect your website from a malware attack, SQL injections, other vulnerabilities like DDoS attacks. By having an SSL certificate and Website Security, you are securing yourself completely. Both act as a security duo to defend your website from attack, your customers, and their data.

How does a Web Application Firewall (WAF) help keep my site secure?

A WAF is a cloud-based firewall service. It conceals and shields your real-time website traffic from being the reason hackers target websites. You are far away from being directed by threats such as SQL injection, comment spamming, DDoS attacks. WAF takes a few minutes for setting up. It acts as a front-line security for your website between the time intervals of Sucuri Website Security scans.

How does the Website Security Content Delivery Network (CDN) help speed my website?

A CDN is a network of servers located around the world. It uses dynamic and static caching to load content fast and surely. For example. your Japanese visitor sees your website which is hosted in the USA. The loading time of your website will be the same hosting in the USA and Japan (anywhere else for that matter). No matter where your customers are located, the site speed is similar.