Search Engine Marketing Hiya Digital January 24th, 2019

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
  • First-page exposure on Search Engines
  • Immediate results to rank on Search Engine Results Page
  • Build brand awareness of product
  • Increase relevant and qualified website traffic
  • Reach audience interested in your services and information
  • Target your ads to customers based on locations
  • Targeted online promotion via search engines
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI) of budget spent
  • Provides exact progress tracking and in-depth campaign report
  • Ad scheduling option to display your ads during specific days and timings
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Search Engine Marketing Overview

First Page Exposure

Users tend to click the first five results that are displayed by search engines. Hence, your business must be in the top 5 rankings to receive more views and sales. Search engine marketing is the fastest way to reach the top ranks where your advertisement is displayed on Google, Yahoo and others.

Obtain Immediate Results

Businesses can set up their advertising campaign on search engines as fast as half an hour if you know about the setup and activation process. This means that advertisers can display their promotion ads of their website on the first page of Google and other search engines very quickly. It is one of the fastest methods for brand new websites to achieve exposure in very little time.

Get Consistent Traffic

Unexpected hike in traffic or sudden pause in traffic can be deadly for a website. Marketers can drive relevant traffic to their websites consistently. Search engine marketing allows your traffic amount to be controlled as per your budget and be consistent per day.

Reach Targeted Audience

Advertisers covet businesses that achieve the top ranks. Your sponsored ads can reach your targeted audience with immediate results. With paid search engine advertising, your sponsored ads that are displayed can be edited and changed to give you maximum results. You have the added benefit to know which exact keywords or texts work best for your company.

Testing For Sucessful Campaigns

Marketing largely depends on testing to determine what strategies work for you. One of the advantages of paid advertisement on search engines is your ability for testing your campaigns. For example, you can test how effective your product campaign is by the consumers by running your search engine ad for at least 30 days. After setting up a campaign on AdWords for a specified period, you can analyze the data to see if it was successful or make necessary changes to reap the success.

Search Engine Marketing Benefits

Broader and Specific Reach

  • Advertise on the most popular search engine – Google
  • Reach relevant places on the web
  • Target customers with your business specific keywords
  • Fastest way to reach potential prospects

Obtain Immediate Results

  • Your website will be shown to users for relevant searches
  • Target your industry related market
  • Receive refined and qualified traffic and leads
  • Opportunity to increase the budget on successful campaigns

Get Consistent Traffic

  • Target consumers on laptops or mobile phones based on their location
  • Potential customers in the area will be targeted
  • Target users outside of your city or country
  • Define a targeting radius by distance around your business location or location of interest

Reach Targeted Audience

  • Select specific days and times of the day to display your ads
  • Run your ads at peak business hours only
  • Test the best timings to get the best response from consumers
  • Real-time feedback is available

Testing For Sucessful Campaigns

  • Improve your brand’s image from a user’s perspective
  • Being #1 ensures competitors don’t take your customers
  • Build your brand messaging to grab a customer’s attention
  • Create exposure for new brands and products efficiently

Search Engine Marketing FAQs

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

How will SEM affect your company?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can have an instant impact on your company to reach a much larger audience. The exposure given by major search engines helps your brand achieve recognition in a short time. It is one of the most widely used advertising strategies implemented by companies to generate relevant traffic to your website.

With in-depth keyword research and advertisement creation and optimization, you can improve your ROI by driving your targeted audience to you. Your display ads will attract customers showing an interest in your service. Easily connect with your prospective clients directly by receiving immediate and measurable results for your promotion campaign. You receive high visibility on search engines that allow you to establish your brand awareness.

Why choose us for your SEM campaign?

We dedicate ourselves to craft successful marketing campaigns on search engines for you. Your ads reach the right audience at the right time by running them across major search engines like Google Search, Yahoo Search and more to target a wider audience. No matter what your business and objective are, we will advise you on the right strategy to invest your marketing budget in the right way.

Our company is one of the Google Analytics Certified Partner in India where our professionals are adept to handle Analytics Account Setup, Linking Analytics and AdWords, A/B & Multi-Variate Testing, tracking and more.

Your ROI is important to you and us. Hence, we manage Google Adwords account by optimizing your account to meet your marketing objectives. Our expertise in manual and automated optimization tools makes us one of the preferred companies for Search Engine Marketing.