Windows Web Hosting With Plesk in United States

Windows Web Hosting - 1 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 1 GB Data Transfer: 10 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 2 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 2 GB Data Transfer: 20 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 3 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 3 GB Data Transfer: 30 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 4 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 4 GB Data Transfer: 40 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 5 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 5 GB Data Transfer: 50 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 10 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 10 GB Data Transfer: 100 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 15 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 15 GB Data Transfer: 150 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 20 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 20 GB Data Transfer: 200 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 25 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 25 GB Data Transfer: 250 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 50 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 50 GB Data Transfer: 500 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 75 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 75 GB Data Transfer: 750 GB

Windows Web Hosting - 100 GB


For 12 Months

Web Space: 100 GB Data Transfer: 1000 GB

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Web Hosting With Plesk In United States

Plesk is a web hosting control panel available on our Windows web hosting service. It helps you manage many aspects of your web hosting account easily, including the managing files, applications, and email accounts hosted on your web hosting account or windows server.

Your windows web hosting account has built-in tools for installing web applications like WordPress®, Joomla!®, Drupal® and many others.

To Install Web Applications through Your Plesk Control Panel

  • Log in to your Hiya Digital account.
  • Click Web Hosting.
  • Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
  • Click Plesk Admin.
  • Go to the Applications tab.
  • Browse for the application you want to use. Next to Install, click the downward-facing arrow, and then click Install (Custom).

This is most common question almost every new customer will ask. For any of web hosting, you will use a website browser like Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari to manage your web hosting account and websites. You can use your Windows Hosting account from a MacBook, or a Linux Hosting account from a Windows computer. If you develop website using ASP or ASP.NET or .NET Core then you will need Windows Hosting to run web pages on IIS Web Server. IIS Web Server cannot run on Linux Server Operating System. If your website is developed using plain HTML or PHP or uses WordPress Joomla Drupal etc then you should choose Linux Web Hosting.

For most people, Windows Hosting is a great choice because it supports just about everything you need or want in your website. You must use Windows Hosting if you need or want to use MS-SQL databases, ASP.NET, or .NET Core on your website. These all require Windows operating system running on your server. You use Plesk control panel to manage your Windows Hosting account and websites in any web browser. Always check with your web developer to make sure, but if you don’t have a developer or you’re just not sure what MS-SQL, ASP.NET and .NET Core are… go with Linux Hosting.

We use latest Windows server operating system for all our Windows Web Hosting servers with latest Plesk Control Panel.

Other supported software versions are as below

  • MS Windows Server – 2012/2016/2019
  • ASP – 3.0 (VBScript version 5.8)
  • ASP.NET – 2.0 (also supports 3.0 and 3.5) 4.0 (also supports 4.5) 4.6.2
  • cURL 5.6.40 (PHP 5.6) 7.3.3 (PHP 7.3)
  • IIS – 8.0/8.5/9/10
  • MSSQL – 2012 2014 2016 2019
  • MySQL 5.5.43
  • .NET Core – 1 1.1 2.0
  • PHP – 5.6 and 7.3

All our shared hosting accounts support SSL certificates (which we can install for you on the primary domain) as well as third-party vendors (which you must install yourself). Here’s the process for manual SSL cert installation:

  • Get a Dedicated IP Address – Though you don’t need a dedicated IP address to install an SSL on your Plesk account, having one ensures all visitors can successfully establish an SSL connection.
  • Generate a CSR — You must provide the company providing your SSL certificate a certificate signing request (CSR) from your Plesk shared hosting account.
  • Uploading and installing your SSL certificate — After receiving the SSL certificate, you need to upload it to your shared hosting account, and then “turn it on” for the site you want to secure.

Unlike some of other hosting platforms, you do not necessarily need a dedicated IP address to have an SSL certificate on our Plesk shared hosting accounts. This is because it uses the Server Name Indication (SNI) protocol. However, not all browsers support SNI, which means that without a dedicated IP address, some users will not be able to successfully establish a connection over SSL.

Our Windows hosting supports ASP.NET application DLLs only. Further, DLLs that require registration with IIS are disallowed. DLLs must be uploaded to a bin directory within an application root on your hosting account.

Yes, You can install the third-party application that support required versions of server. Plesk Application section of your Plesk control panel shows list of available applications for your installation. You can manage the installation of popular content management system applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc.

Yes You can. We offer MSSQL & MYSQL database server options with Windows Web Hosting. Depending on which server your account is created, Versions of SQL Server may slightly vary.

Yes, .NET Core is supported on all our Windows Web Hosting With Plesk accounts.

Yes, it is available with the Windows Web Hosting With Plesk. Depending on VS version CR version may vary from server to server.

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