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Hacked Website Repair Hiya Digital December 18th, 2018

Fix Hacked Website Repair Rescue Recover & Restore Service

Hacked Website Repair, Rescue, Recover & Restore Service

Your website has been hacked! What do you do now? Get immediate help for Website Repair, Rescue, Recovery & Restore from an expert website security team you can trust. We provide hacked website repair, rescue, recovery & restore service to almost all type of websites. We remove website malware, remove website from blacklists, eliminate phishing, infections and defacements. Our experienced Website Security Team will identify the issue and fix your website security issues. We will also do everything we can to help you from being hacked in the future again.

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Hacked Website Repair, Rescue, Recover & Restore Service Overview

Websites with huge traffic, confidential information have always been a hacking target. A site poorly maintained, rarely updated is prone to hacking attacks. Hacking can wrench havoc to your Google search engine rankings and impact your business. Act fast to save your business. Call us today for website security & recovery. We will make sure everything is operating well to keep your business safe online.


Website Hack Clean-up

Once a site has been infected / hacked, it is difficult to recover. Recovery must be immediate be it on a weekend, holiday, within business hours. Our hacked website repair services are prompt. If a site has not been updated, recovery takes longer making it much more difficult. We review each component of your website code, database, hosting server, etc. and backup your website before making any changes. Once necessary changes are made we again review and monitor the website.

Blacklist Warnings Removal

Are you seeing “’This site may harm your computer” or ‘This site may be compromised” warnings? You are in need of hacked website repair immediately. We use effective website security scanners to get malware warnings off your site. Search engines and anti-virus companies set up a warning sign on hacked sites. We submit a removal request after cleaning your site on your behalf.

Website SEO Repair

Dirty SEO is like a viral infection that profits from your website traffic, information by inserting into it unwanted links/keywords. The triggering web spam ruins your brand’s name and makes your website come into the blacklist by search engines. You need more than merely taking out the infection from your website. It is recommended to identify the issue, take out the infection and be assured it doesn’t happen again. We specialize in repair and removal of Dirty SEO. Our focus is on removing all traces of SEO spam. After cleaning spam keywords or links injected, your site will appear properly in search engines.

Hacked Website Repair, Rescue, Recovery & Restore FAQs

Has my website been hacked? What should I do?

Can you fix hacked websites?

Yes, we can! Many issues such as weak passwords, loop holes in security, non-updated plugins, WordPress vulnerabilities, SQL injection vulnerabilities can target a website. We can help with recovery with our hacked website repair service.

How long will it take to fix my website?

The time limit will entirely depend on the type of hack. We will let you know how long it will take and the cost of diagnosing the problem. Our programmers are skilled at fixing any security issues in a website. We will work on priority to resolve the issue at the earliest possible.

What type of hacks does your hacked website repair service recover?

There are several kinds of hack that our hacked website repair services recover – including (but not limited to):

SQL injection – A hacker inserts fake content or fake user accounts into your site. His intention could also be to pull data out of your site (e.g., user accounts).

Spam hacks – Spam hacks use your website to market products and services of the hacker. This might come in the form of spammy comments or content on your pages.

SEO or Google hacks – SEO hacks give warnings such as “This site may be compromised” or “This site may harm your computer”. Hackers display their hack to Google to increase their SEO rankings/traffic.

Iframe or JavaScript hacks – Iframe hacks is when a hidden iframe is inserted in the website code. It takes your visitors to another website or makes them download software onto the computer. This is done in JavaScrip or directly in HTML.

Base64 hacks – A hacker runs his code on your website in a well-hidden way which is not easily readable. They hide the code and name files smartly to hide what they are doing smartly. They do so in such a way that it is easy to notice that your website is hacked but hard to find the hacks. Some types of such hacks are unauthorized downloads, redirection, back doors, mass emails and more.

Eval hacks – Hackers hide their hack code by displaying their code in reverse order. It makes manual searching for the code difficult.

Server rooting – This hack target the vulnerabilities in the server. It might be due to lack of strong security to your server’s hosting operating system. The hacker can also upload “rooting” tools to your to gain user access to complete website and server.

Brute force hacks – Hackers use brute force to log into your CMS website admin (e.g., WordPress, Magento, Joomla). They target your FTP login, registrar info, SSH logins to control your site, domain and hosting control panel.

Vulnerability probing – Getting the 404 errors too frequently? Hackers use freely available hacker software or their custom written malware to exploit a site’s vulnerability. It is likely your website is being searched for security holes to break into.

“DDoS” hacks – DDoS hacks bring your site down until the DDoS is over or you find a hacked website repair soon.

Botnet hacks – Botnet hacks control multiple servers or websites. The aim is to distribute content in the form of spam (website spam, malware). They can take over your server to send thousands of emails. Your website and/or email address will be blacklisted even when the content is not promoting you. Your hosting provider will shut down your site when such an attack is detected.

Vanity hacks – Hackers are wanting to show off their work opt for vanity hacks. You will find messages that say “hacked by…”

Data theft hacks – eCommerce websites, charity foundations are a target. Hackers can break into the site to steal data. Payment info, customer data are stolen.

How is your hacked website repair better than automated cleaning tools?

There are automated tools available that can detect and remove hacked files. These tools cannot fix the source of the hack. When the source of the hack is not fixed, hackers are able to hack your site again.

Our hacked website repair differs from tools as we identify the cause of the hack and clean the damage. Knowing the cause of the attack can help us strengthen the source to block hackers from returning.

Will I be hacked again after you repair everything?

During the repairing process, there are chances to get hacked again. Once we’ve located the origin, cause of the hack, we will block it. You will not be hacked again for the same issue or cause. You may be hacked for another vulnerability if not addressed. Hence, it is important to have your website updated regularly, strengthen your website security, so you don’t give hackers a chance to exploit your vulnerability again.