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GlobalSign SSL Certificates Hiya Digital December 18th, 2018

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

GlobalSign SSL Certificates give the most reliable encryption. Customers are given value-add features to secure your website. These features are shielded and satisfy the requirements of current’s sites. Clients and visitors to your site will notice that their browsing session is protected. The payment details and private data is kept protected and encrypted. GlobalSign gives the most reliable SSL encryption accessible by utilizing SHA-256 and 2048 bit RSA keys.

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About GlobalSign SSL Certificates

GlobalSign is the first SSL Provider to offer customers a clear range of GlobalSign SSL Certificates for all budgets. It fits exactly into the three defined classes – Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). By bringing in ten years of experience in producing advanced SSL solutions, GlobalSign is an established provider. They have provided an easy way for the three classes of SSL to the market that is seen to emerge over recent years.

Many SSL Providers use complicated product names, classifications, with essential features being utilized to distinguish the same products. GlobalSign opposes this by using easy product names and designating feature set within each product class. This is intended to reduce the time-consuming process. Customers should go through the frustrating “which Certificate should I need” problems smoothly with simplistic SSL solutions.

Customers get a simplified range of GlobalSign SSL Certificates – arranged neatly into the three defined SSL classes. The Domain Validation (DomainSSL) Certificate is issued in 5 minutes or less. Organization Validation (OrganizationSSL) and Extended Validation (EV SSL-ExtendedSSL) Certificates activate the green address bars in browsers.

All GlobalSign SSL Certificates purchase add premium features like high protection at no added cost. High security is a feature that many high-value SSL Providers impose at further rates. Additional features like unlimited server licenses, unlimited replacement policy gives customers the best value by getting the most feature-packed SSL.

GlobalSign SSL Certificate Plans

    • DomainSSL

      • Fast & Economical
      • $10K warranty
      • 7 Day Refund
      • Delivered in minutes
      • No paperwork needed
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    • OrganizationSSL

      • High Assurance SSL
      • $1.25M warranty
      • 7 Day Refund
      • Organization Identity included
      • Higher levels of trust
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    • ExtendedSSL

      • Activate the Green Address Bar!
      • $1.5M warranty
      • 7 Day Refund
      • Highest assurance level SSL
      • Increased visitor trust
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    • Multi-Domain & Wildcard SSL

      • One certificate – many sub domains!
      • Secure multiple domains and sub-domains
      • Secure unlimited number of servers
      • Wildcard & Subject Alternative Names (SANs)
      • Single IP address
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GlobalSign SSL Certificate FAQs

What is GlobalSign SSL Certificates?

How long are GlobalSign SSL Certificates valid for?

I’m not sure of how to install GlobalSign SSL Certificates, what support is available?

Are GlobalSign SSL Certificates needed for websites?

Do I require a dedicated IP address to use an SSL certificate?

What is GlobalSign SSL Certificates?

Why do I need GlobalSign SSL Certificates ?

GlobalSign SSL Certificates or other SSLs for that matter are an essential part of maintaining internet security. They encrypt communication between computers and servers where a website is located. These certificates also verify that a site is true to what it pretends to be. It helps users identify phishing sites which many a time look similar to a real website set up to steal information.

What are the different types of GlobalSign SSL Certificates?

There are 3 various levels of vetting that most all SSL Certificates are built on. DV (Domain Validated), OV (Organization Validated), and EV (Extended Validation). The significant variation in these certificates depends on what data GlobalSign validates to issue the SSL certificate. Then the various information is presented in the certificate including browser bar. EV SSL Certificate, for example, turns the browser bar green and reveals organization information in the browser bar.