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Fax Thru Email

Send and receive faxes securely anywhere you have Internet access.

  • Dedicated fax number
  • Ability to send files from any device with a Web connection
  • Fax to multiple numbers at one time
  • 3-step cover sheet wizard
  • Ability to block numbers, even international
  • FREE 24/7 support
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Replace your bulky old fax machine with a fast, paper-free solution. It’s eco-friendly!

Forget the waste and expense of a fax machine – with Fax Thru Email, you send and receive faxes over the Web, using your own unique fax number. Incoming faxes go directly to your email inbox; you send outgoing faxes right from your email or by logging on to FaxThruEmail.com.*


  • Save money: There’s no need to install or maintain a landline or fax machine – we give you your own, personal fax number.
  • Save trees: Cut down on paper use and increase privacy – no paper copies left lying around for someone else to read.
  • Two easy ways to fax: Fax from your email account – just put the receiver’s fax number in the Subject line. You can also send your fax from FaxThruEmail.com
  • Add attachments with one click: Attach a file from your computer or your Online Storage account.
  • No activation or per-fax fees: Choose your plan based on how many pages you think you’ll need. Change it at any time.
  • Want to increase your page limit:  It’s easy. Just buy additional Page Packs once you purchase a Fax Thru Email plan.

Technology makes it fast, our features make it easy.

Fax Thru Email uses the Internet, rather than a phone line, to send and receive faxes. There’s no equipment to buy or phone line to install – you send faxes directly from any device you use for email or browsing the Internet*. View and manage your fax history, including sent/received logs, account information, help and billing details from our easy Web-based manager.


Send faxes anytime, anywhere*

  • Fax to numbers in the U.S.* and Canada directly from your email account. Just enter the fax number and your remote faxing password in the Subject line, attach your files and hit SEND.
  • You can also send faxes via FaxThruEmail.com
  • Fax to multiple numbers at one time.
  • Customize your cover sheet with your logo using our quick 3-step Cover Sheet Wizard.
  • Save time by quickly selecting from previous faxed-to numbers.
  • Add attachments – including Microsoft Office®, image/graphics and PDF files – from your computer or Online Storage.

Protect your privacy

  • We provide you with a fax number that is unique, personal and private.
  • Incoming, outgoing and personal information remains completely confidential.
  • Block numbers you don’t want to receive faxes from, including international numbers.
  • Protect confidential information – with Fax Thru Email there are no paper copies left laying around for someone else to read.

Receive faxes in the office or on the road

  • Read incoming faxes anytime right from your email inbox.
  • A secure way to receive important or confidential documents.
  • Incoming faxes are presented as PDF files.

Track incoming and outgoing faxes

  • Review a record of the faxes you send and receive with Fax Thru Email’s Usage History.
  • Optional email confirmations let you know if your fax went through.
  • Use the fax history to double-check receipt of faxes.

Do more with Workspace

  • Fax Thru Email works seamlessly with other Workspace products, including Email, Calendar and Online Storage (sold separately).
  • Keep track of important fax dates and set fax reminders with Calendar.
  • Add attachments stored in Online Storage with a single click.

Welcome to the future of faxing

  • Save money on faxing. With Fax Thru Email, there’s no need to buy a space-hogging fax machine or add a telephone line.
  • As easy as a mouse-click. Send your documents over the Internet with little more than the click of a button.
  • Spare the trees. Eliminate the need for paper each time you send or receive a fax – use your favorite email program or fax online at FaxThruEmail.com


Easy-to-use dashboard

  • Get in, start working. Fax Thru Email walks you step-by-step through the process of sending a fax.
  • Save yourself time. Use our 3-step Cover Sheet Wizard to create your own personalized cover sheets without any hassle.
  • Elegant features. One click of your mouse is all it takes to add attachments up to 20 MB in size.

Faxing to fit your life

  • Works where you are. Fax Thru Email lets you fax from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
  • Handles most popular formats. The sky’s the limit – fax Microsoft Office®, PDF or image files stored on your computer.
  • Stop waiting around. Never stand around waiting at a fax machine again – have your faxes delivered to your inbox or FaxThruEmail.com


History at your fingertips

  • Rest easy. Track all of your incoming and outgoing faxes from the fax history screen.
  • Quick reference. Easily choose from a list of previously faxed numbers for fast sending.

Private and secure

  • Maintain your privacy. Each Fax Thru Email account comes with its very own unique, personal and private phone number.
  • Security at your fingertips. End unwanted faxes by blocking any domestic or international number.
  • Away from prying eyes. Fax Thru Email stores faxes in your inbox instead of leaving paper copies lying around.


Get more done with Workspace

  • Streamline your workflow.Stay organized by using Fax Thru Email with our other Workspace Products – Email, Calendar and Online Storage.
  • Keep fax files handy. Add attachments to a fax from your Online Storage with a single click.
  • Fax anywhere. Send and receive faxes via email on your computer or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fax Thru Email

What is Fax Thru Email?

Which file formats does Fax Thru Email support?

Fax Thru Email supports most common file formats. Look below for the extension of the file name you’re sending — such as .doc — to ensure it’s compatible with the formats Fax Thru Email supports.

Microsoft® Office

Open Office

Text Documents

Other Document Types



Sending faxes via a mobile device

You can send a fax from your mobile device by logging in to the email account that you use with Fax Thru Email on your mobile device. The “From” email address in your mobile mail must be the same as the email address in your Fax Thru Email account.

To Send a Fax from Your Mobile Device Using Fax Thru Email

  • From your mobile device, log in to the email account that you use with Fax Thru Email.
  • Compose a new email message.
  • In the To field, type faxout@faxthruemail.com.
  • In the Subject field, enter the recipient’s fax number (for example: 480-123-4567)
  • If your Fax Thru Email account requires a password, in the Subject field, after the recipient’s fax number, enter a space and your password.
  • Add the documents you want to send in the fax as a file attachment to the email message. Do not enter any information in the body of the email message. Fax Thru Email removes all information in the body of your email message.
  • Send the email message.

Receiving & viewing faxes via a mobile device

If you receive a Fax Thru Email fax in your email account, you can access it by logging in to your email account from your mobile device.
To view an attachment sent using Fax Thru Email, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your mobile device.

‡ Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only.
* US and Canada fax numbers only. Fax Thru Email cannot connect to international fax numbers that require a country code or fax to U.S. territories.
Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your Hiya Digital USA account.

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