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Domain Validation SSL Certificates

Secure your website in just a few minutes!

Domain Validation SSL Certificates

In the battle against counterfeit websites, phishing, scams, dependable domain validated SSL certificates are basic. Even malicious sites can easily get an SSL to lure in victims. This is the reason having one can be risky. Certificate Authorities (CAs) such as GlobalSign, Comodo issue a domain-validated approved certificate.

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  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • Market Leading Security
  • Acknowledged & Trusted Brands
  • Immediate Issuance
  • Free Reissues

Delivered in Minutes for Instant Protection

Place your order for the fastest and most affordable way to activate SSL protection. Your website is safe with fast issuance and automated process.

Boost your Google Ranking

Search engines use SSL/HTTPS to determine a website’s ranking. Add SSL security to boost your Google ranking today!

Trust Site Seal

All the SSL Certificates come with a brand trust seal to be verified by customers. It has been proven to build confidence making more customer conversions.

About Domain Validation SSL Certificates

The SSL is issued to any individual who is listed in the contact details of the domain admin in the WHOIS record. The CA simply send a confirmation email to the contact email address. Confirming the email address is the only step to get the certificate.

It is the most affordable, basic level of verification used to approve SSL certificates. Higher levels are OV Organization Validated and EV Extended Validation certificates require more confirmation checks. Domain Validated SSL Certificates offers you an efficient, brisk and simple choice for securing your site. You don’t need to sacrifice on security or encryption level.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates verifies an applicant’s domain. The process is completely computerized, which implies you’ll get the certificate quickly. You can begin securing your online business, subscriber information, web-mail and more in only a couple of minutes. It enacts the green lock on the browser and https to guarantee your site visitors that you consider their security important.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates are one of the speediest and most reasonable approaches to get SSL security. With a quick process of verification, you can browse various strategies to demonstrate ownership of your domain. Your certificate is issued in only a couple of minutes.
In the times of expanding your reach to customers, getting an SSL Certificate now can boost your Google rankings. It has the additional advantage of increasing your Google positioning. Google as of late presented HTTPS as an indicator to rank sites. Using the most basic SSL encryption will help support your Google positioning! The presence of a “’site seal” by the brand will enable your guests to believe your site. Why prevent potential clients from distrusting you? Show the Secure Site Seal to give them that certainty.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates Features

SSL Features RapidSSL GeoTrust SSL Symantec SSL StarField Standard SSL Comodo Positive SSL
256-Bit Encryption 128/256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Issuance Time Issued In Minutes* Issued In Minutes* Issued In Minutes* Issued In Minutes* Issued In Minutes*
Great For Great for personal websites or social media Single Domain Validation Great for personal websites or social media Single Domain Validation Great for personal websites or social media Single Domain Validation Great for personal websites or social media Single Domain Validation Great for personal websites or social media Single Domain Validation
Warranty Value $10,000 $100,000 $250,000 $100,000 $10,000
Site Seal RapidSSL Site Seal GeoTrust® Site Seal Symantec Secure Site Seal Starfield Secure Site Seal Comodo Secure Site Seal
Free Reissues FREE self-service reissues during validity period Unlimited Reissuance FREE self-service reissues during validity period FREE self-service reissues during validity periodUnlimited Reissuance Unlimited Reissuance
Browser Support 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility 99% Browser Compatibility

Domain Validation SSL Certificates FAQs

What is Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate?

Do I need to provide documents if I buy a Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate?

There are no specific documents needed. You can purchase your Domain Validated (DV) certificate without documents. For a basic DV SSL, you need to verify the confirmation email that goes to your official email address. Some may require you for confirmation by a simple file-based authentication. This is done to prove that you own the domain for which you security coverage.

What is the difference between Domain Validated (DV) Certificate and Organization Validated (OV) certificate?

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate is a basic entry level SSL certificate that intends to provide encryption. It does not provide authentication of an organization. Receiving a DV certificate is easy as the applicant has to prove domain ownership only.
Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate is a standard SSL certificate installed to keep website safe, verify the identity of the business or organization. Businesses are required to prove their authenticity by providing government registration documents. The legitimacy of the business is validated by the issuing Certificate Authority. This creates a higher level of online trust among customers. Visitors are msore confident in companies using OV compared to DV SSL certificates. The information of the company is displayed within the certificate subject details.

Which brands are trusted with Domain Validation SSL Certificates?

All Certificate Authorities (CAs)/SSL brands that we market are leaders in the industry. They are trusted for their security solutions across the world. Symantec is the largest CA whose trust seal is the Norton Trust Seal, a highly recognized symbol of trust. Their name & trust seal will definitely add value to customers. There are other trusted CAs that provide SSL such as GeoTrust, GlobalSign, RapidSSL, Comodo, StarField.

How long are Domain Validation SSL Certificates valid?

Domain Validated SSL certificates of all brands can be valid from anywhere from 1-3 years. The validity of the certificates depends on the certificate you purchase. The Certificate Authority Forum is the ruling association of the SSL industry that sets the validity. EV SSL certificates are issued for 2 years maximum. DV and OV SSL certificates from most brands are issued for a maximum of 3 years.

What is domain control validation?

CAs need to confirm domain ownership by sending an email to the contact details listed with the domain’s registrar. If the listed administrator of the domain does not reply to the first email, a second email is sent. The second email from the CA is sent to the email address that is created with the domain such as or (You are given a choice to give a secondary email address for verification during the enrollment process.)

How do visitors know if websites are secured by Domain Validation SSL Certificates?

A browser connecting to a secure website retrieves the site’s SSL Certificate. It checks whether or not the SSL has expired. The browser checks whether the SSL has been issued by a trusted certificate authority. It also checks whether the certificate is being used for the domain that it has been purchased for. If any one of these checks are not satisfied, the browser warns the end user by giving them a “not secure” warning. If a browser succeeds to get the security indicators

  • The beginning of your website’s URL are changed from http to https
  • A closed green padlock appears on the right hand side

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