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Domain Name Management Hiya Digital November 20th, 2018

Domain Name Portfolio Audit and Management Service

Domain Portfolio Management

Managing domain name portfolio is often an overwhelming and complex task when it comes to managing thousands or even few hundred of domain names. And without the right tools, portfolio management can be very costly and time-consuming activity.

Hiya Digital has in-house technical team of Domain Experts with extensive knowledge and experience to handle millions of domains every year and owns all necessary software tools for domain trade. Apart from handling regular domain name transactions, our Domain Expert’s Team is competent in handing advanced Domain Name Aftermarket Tasks like Domain Back Ordering, Domain Auction & Bidding, Domain Escrow, Domain Portfolio Management & Auditing, etc.

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Hiya Digital also has the ability to secure and manage all international domain extensions for you thru a host of alliances with leading global domain registries & registrars. We serve all GTLD and CCTLD Domain Extensions, including New GTLDs recently launched, across the globe under one common platform.

Your Advantage With Hiya Digital:

  •  Expertise & Experience: We have dedicated team of experts who have all necessary skills & experience to organize & manage your domain portfolio at all levels.
  • Tools & Technology: We have wide range of customized domain portfolio management software for monitoring, organizing, auditing and testing specific vital information for your domains.
  • Comprehensive & Customized Service: All our domain name portfolio management services are comprehensive & customized – tailor made to your specific needs.
  • Other Advantages:
    • Simple and easy to use domain billing and domain management client portals
    • Free & Premium Managed DNS Services Option
    • 24/7 Server Monitoring & Priority Customer Support
    • Full Technical Support on Domain Backorder, Auction & Bidding, Escrow services
    • Annual Domain Name Registration & Renewal Pre-Order Options
    • On Demand Domain Name Portfolio Audit Report
    • Dedicated Account Manager / Technical Contact Point
    • Single Point Contact for All Web Services Requirements
    • Global Partnerships With Accredited Registrars & International Data Centers
    • Wide range of In-House Web Services & Web Security Products

What we cover under our solutions

Domain Name Portfolio Management, Security Audit & Administrative Reporting
  • Ongoing Domain Name Registration & Renewal Management.
  • Organize & Update Domains by Business Keyword Groups and Expiry Dates.
  • Update Domain Transfer Lock on all domains at Registrar and Registry Level.
  • Secure WHOIS by applying WHOIS privacy protection wherever possible.
  • Enable Domain Theft Protection on domain names wherever possible.
  • Fully optimize and utilize unused domains by redirecting to a specific TTSL webpage.
  • Validate all active domains in your account and website (human) verification..
  • New Domain Name Registration Strategy Implementation for New TLDs.
  • Overall Security Audit of all domains
Domain Name Research & Analysis For Brand Protection Administrative Services
  • Research & Analysis on Brandjacking, Cybersquatting and Typosquatting Domain Names on major TLDs and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).
  • Research on confusingly similar domain names / impersonating websites to your Brand Name / Trademark.
  • Web Monitoring Alerts on Brand Name / Trademarked Content usage.
  • Premium Access to TLD zone Files for access to full registry database (Optional).
  • Hosted Domain Portfolio Management Web Application (Optional)
Domain Name Aftermarket Services For Domain Acquisition & Recovery
  • Domain Name Backorder Processing Administrative Services.
  • Domain Name Auction & Bidding Participation Administrative Services.
  • Domain Name Escrow Administrative Services
Domain Litigation, DMCA, UDRP, WIPO, ACPA Administrative Services
  • Technical Support and Administrative Services in all domain dispute cases.
  • Administrative Services & Assistance in DMCA Notices and Take Down Requests.
  • Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) Administrative Services
Defensive Domain Registration Administrative Services
  • Trademark Clearinghouse Registration Assistance
  • Donuts DPML Defensive Registration Assistance
  • Rightside DPML Defensive Registration Assistance
  • Minds + Machines MPML Defensive Registration Assistance
  • New TLD Domain Name Application Processing In Sunrise Period and Pre-GA stage
SWOT Analysis & Administrative Reporting
  • Tracking of Existing Deleting Domains and New Domains registered by others(Squatters)
  • Identify important domain names used in business and improve security & monitoring.
  • Identify those domains that are no longer required in business and gradually drop them
  • Identify new domain name registration possibilities for future business opportunities
  • Identify those domains, which have potential future risks and acquire / secure them using Domain Aftermarket or DMCA, UDRP, WIPO, ACPA Administrative Services as required.

Highly Recommended Tools

Get Premium Access to Always On, Cloud Hosted, Domain Portfolio Management Web Application that gives you Periodic Email Reports, Secured Multi User Access to your domain portfolio database.You can use this application as a domain research tool and get vital information about your domains online. This cloud application is available under SAAS model for monthly / yearly subscription and is a must have tool for Domain Monitoring for owned domains and also those owned by Squatters