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DMCA Website Protection Hiya Digital December 18th, 2018

DMCA Website Protection

DMCA Website Protection Start securing your online content – blogs, videos with DMCA Website Protection. A simplistic solution for guarding images, videos, content and more from being copied. DMCA Website Protection Pro™ is intended to enable content owners to research their copyrighted content from copied websites with Takedowns, Counterclaims, and Takedown research.

Keep Content Thieves Away!

  • Protect your original content from theft
  • Actively combat copyright infringement online
  • Monitor your protected pages
  • Simple, effective and FREE of charge
  • Detect thieves from stealing your content
  • Defend your content and remove it from other sites

Website Protection Pro

  • Unlimited Plagiarism scanning.
  • Unlimited image watermarking.
  • Unlimited Do-it-Yourself DMCA Takedowns.
  • Comprehensive Website Detective Tool.
  • Easy-to-use Case Management System.
  • Only $10/month or $100/year
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DMCA Website Protection – Protection Basic (Free)

Every day so many website owners are complaining that their valuable content has been stolen. Most of the website owners often do nothing to the copied websites. It might be because they are unaware of what’s to be done. This is when DMCA Website Protection can help! It is designed to make a scenario such as this effortless for customers.

Designed to protect small personal websites, owners can be safe with a solution that tells viewers your content is copyrighted. The batch provided helps deter content theft. The Protection Badge assures that online offenders, and content thieves know that your content is not to be copied. They will hesitate before duplicate your original content. You can register for a Protection Badge on your website. Choose Protection Basic (Free) has no signup fee or monthly charge. You get a Protection Badge for free on your website. The DMCA Website Protection service comes without charge.

Protection Basic Features:

  • Standard Badges – Many Protection Badges to choose from
  • Website Certificate – Website copyright statement of content ownership
  • 1 Free Takedown – 1 free takedown per year
  • 10% Off – 10% of all Professional takedown services
  • Knowledge Base – Get admission to DMCA comprehensive knowledge base
  • Page Tracking – Keep record of your protected pages

DMCA Website Protection – Protection Pro

Designed to protect professional websites. Businesses developing their unique content wishing to secure it can use this protection. Protect your website, all its content with the best content protection services with DMCA Protection Pro. It is a compelling restraint, management system. If anyone steals your content, their content will be taken down. You will get up to 10 free takedowns per year. Your website pages, all its content will be indexed in the DMCA Portal as “protected pages.”

You can get the services that a free sign up gets. You will also receive some tools and services for webmasters. These tools can protect website content plus help in the takedown of content from websites when stolen. You are provided an easy-to-use DIY form. Choose from DMCA Takedown templates that you can send to the website using your original content. You can take the stolen content down for a one-time fee.

Protection Pro Features:

  • Standard + Premium Badges – Select from numerous Standard and Premium Badges
  • Website Certificate – Verified website copyright declaration of content possession
  • 10 Free Takedown – 10 free takedowns per year
  • Many Content Takedowns – Create and handle multiple Takedowns
  • Find Content Duplicates – Detect duplication of your content online
  • Website Detective – Find out the content theft

DMCA Website Protection Plans

Features Basic Pro
Protection Badges 100 100+ Premium Badges
Custom Protection Badges No Yes
Content Theft Protection 1 / year 10 / year
Tracked Badges IDs 1 10
Multiple Badge Management No Yes
HTTPS Delivery Yes Yes
HTTPS Validation No Yes
DIY DMCA Takedowns No Yes
PDF Export Takedowns No Yes
DMCA Takedown Templates No Yes
Real Time Image Watermarking 24 Hour Limit Unlimited
Custom Branded Watermark No Yes
Right-Click Blocker Yes Yes
Content Delivery Network No Yes
Account Verification No Yes
Delete and Reprocess Pages No Yes
Verified Account Status No Yes
Website Copy Scanner 2 Unlimited
Website Detective Tool No Yes
WordPress Plugin Yes Yes
Blogger Plugin Yes Yes
Facebook Album Watermarker Yes Yes

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