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Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated Email Server

Privacy, Security, Flexibility, Integration

Are you deciding to use a dedicated mail server? It is a great way to market your company to potential customers with creative mailes without causing issues with your ISP.

  • Spam filtering and antivirus scanning
  • Supports emails with large attachments
  • Server administrator control panel
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Send and store large amounts of email
  • No SMTP error
  • Ability to backup data
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Overview of Dedicated Email Server

We can give you a dedicated email server to carry out your email communication, comes with a unique static IP address. Our professionals take responsibility for all the details; your server is given to you for ready use. Quit fretting about you or your client’s fame being damaged by sending spammy emails or emails bouncing back. Begin utilizing the complete power of email to communicate with your clients and versatility of your IP address!

With high power comes high efficiency

Think of using a dedicated IP address from a dedicated email server as your business need arises. A dedicated IP address used for your business communication puts you in a safer position from being blacklisted. The power of your reputation among employees, customers, and new viewers is in your hands. It provides you an entire scope to improve and support your reputation as the email sender.

Dedicated IP addresses are suggested for large enterprises to manage a firm’s reputations. Those businesses sending over thousands of emails per month can avail our plans to select the right option. Dedicated Email Server Hosting is a wholly reliable mail server with advanced spam control and anti-virus scanning. All protocols that are majorly used such as POP3, IMAP is supported. Email server hosting intended for enterprises enables you to locate email everywhere every time. It is compatible with android devices, iPhone, and desktops.

Maximizing your email campaign reach

For extraordinary performance, a dedicated email server can enable you to take full control of your confidential emails. This sort of a server can give you as per your requirement for sending messages, keep up security; customize your settings. With the correct server, you will increase many advantages you can’t get from sharing your resources.

Imagine having to send 5,000 emailers to update your team, send invoices to customers, market your services and more. It is likely that your shared server would restrict you to the number of emails you can send. With a dedicated IP address from your dedicated server, you could shoot thousands of emails. You can reach to many individuals each and every day with your own email server.

Completely Maintained and Supported Servers

The best reason for having an email server all for your needs is the assistance you get. When you pick only the best hosting service provider offering a dedicated email server, you have a server that is managed all by your yourself. You will get our 24/7 customer support.

Usually, you will get help on the primary set up of your server. If you come across any issues as you proceed, our customer service is always ready for you. If you encounter any hindrance is setting up, downtime, we will be a phone call far away to help you readily.

Alongside the help you get from us, a great service provider like us: monitor the server all day and all night. This guarantees you get more uptime to smoothly send your emails and fewer issues to worry about. With a server that is monitored constantly, all your messages will make it to your clients, fast and safe. With client satisfaction, our dedicated email hosting will ensure your emails are being delivered throughout the day. This requires 99.99% uptime because a smooth operation is also a priority. All your recipients get your emails faster.

Top Solution for Email Marketing

If you need to utilize mass email advertising for your promotion, you require a devoted mail server. At Hiya Digital, we give plans for the best servers available to get a dedicated IP address. Our group of technical professionals is industry specialists prepared to help you from set-up operation queries. We will guide you to the setup the server and any other questions you may have about your hosting.

When you pick one of the plans we have for dedicated email hosting, you can assure you will have uptime always. You will be assisted by specialists who are prepared to give any help you need to choose an ideal server for your business communication. We screen our servers all day and all night for 99.999% uptime. In case you’re prepared to reach potential clients through emailers, pick one of our plans for your email promotion today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Email Server

Why do you need a Dedicated Email Server?

Is my dedicated server backed up?

We back up the information that you transmit to the dedicated server for you. We create daily snapshots kept in the same data center. We also take weekly snapshots stored in the data center. Individual files can be restored to the whole server from these backups if required. We can give custom backups if required.

Is your Gmail, Hotmail or another Free Mail Server enough?

Each one of the free mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo puts a restriction on the number of emails you can send at once. Some restrain you to a couple of hundred every hour, while others limit to sending emails to up to 25 addresses at once.
With these sorts of restriction, you won’t have the ability to communicate to your large team. Once in a while, you may need to email to a huge number of people in a short time. Without your own server, this isn’t possible.

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