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CodeGuard Website Backup Hiya Digital November 19th, 2018

CodeGuard Website Backup

CodeGuard Website Backup

Get a time machine for your website.

The fastest, most reliable – CodeGuard Website Backup – service which tracks all of your changes daily.

  • Connect and get automatic backups – First connect your website to CodeGuard by giving us your SFTP/FTP/MySQL information. We take an initial backup and show you real time updates of its progress. It’s that easy
  • Monitor daily for changes – During monitoring if we detect a change we send you a ChangeAlert email notifying you of what was added, modified, or deleted and when.
  • Restore your website from any point – You can restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the contents at any time, choose an automatic restore, or restore individual files and folders.
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CodeGuard Website Backup

Automatic backups

CodeGuard works behind the scenes. Which means you can turn it on and sit back while CodeGuard takes regular backups of your data.

Hassle-free setup

Since CodeGuard is cloud-based, setting it up is a snap – simply add your website connection details to start the backup process.

How CodeGuard Website Backup Works?

1.Connect Site

First, connect your site by giving CodeGuard your ftp/sftp/MySQL information. It’s that easy.

2.Initial Backup

Now we take an initial backup of your site. During the process, you’ll be able to view real-time updates on its progress.


Now we monitor your site daily for changes, and send a change alert email to you if there are any.

4.Backup Again

After monitoring we continuously backup your site again and again if we detect changes.


Finally, you can restore your site back to any previous version with the click of a button.

CodeGuard Website Backup FAQ’s

Help Center

What is CodeGuard?

How does CodeGuard connect to my website?

If your website is hosted on Hiya Digital Private Limited’s Linux servers, use the SFTP option. Also, you must use the default FTP user that comes with your cPanel account. You cannot connect to CodeGuard using any other FTP user. For Hiya Digital Private Limited’s Windows servers, use the FTP option.In case of other hosting providers, you can choose either the FTP or SFTP option, based on your service provider’s settings.

Wouldn’t the hosting provider’s backup suffice?

Hosting companies tend to keep your backups in the same place as your primary files. In case of any eventuality, along with your primary files, your backups too will be affected. CodeGuard provides safe, offsite backup that is 100% independent from your hosting provider.Moreover, hosting companies provide you only the latest backup. CodeGuard follows a versioning system and allows you to restore a backup of an earlier date as well.

After I add a website, how do I change what files are backed up?

After you add a website, any new files or directories that you add to your site will automatically backed up. CodeGuard will only exclude files and directories that you don’t select when adding your website. If you need to change how your website is backed up, you need to delete and re-add your website. However, this should be handled with care as you will lose your backups. This option is only recommended if you have just added your website.

What types of database are supported for backup?

CodeGuard only supports MySQL database.

What database user permissions are needed to backup and restore?

The database user that you specify in CodeGuard must have the appropriate permissions granted. It is recommended that the user has the permissions for both backup and restore actions:


  • Select
  • Show View
  • Show Databases


  • Select
  • Update
  • Insert
  • Drop
  • Delete
  • Create
  • Alter
  • Index

How long are the backups stored in the CodeGuard account?

By default, only 90 days of backups are stored. You can choose to retain all backups, from the Backup Retention Settings section in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS view. You can navigate to this view through the SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT menu, within your CodeGuard account.

Note: Only MySQL databases are currently supported.

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